Ready-made. Modular. Proved.

  • A ready‑made, easily implemented solution compatible with various types of payment terminal.
  • Variable pricing schemes (check‑in/check‑out, long‑term tickets).
  • Flexible Software as a Service (SaaS) business model.
  • Rapid deployment of our ready‑made solution (typically within 3 months).
  • Smoothly roll‑out with our experienced on‑site team.

Transport Payment Solution

A processing system for seamless payment in public transport using an
EMV contactless card or a proprietary transport card of your choice.

Main Features

  • Full benefits of the transit (offline) according to VISA MMT Certification.
  • High passenger throughput: transaction processing at <1 second prevents crowding.
  • A paperless & contactless solution, with a paper ticket option.
  • Multiple fare models - check‑in, check in/check out, long term tickets..
  • Terminal application & management with wide range of supported HW platforms.
  • Transaction data reporting via .xls/.csv exports, web portal or API.


rapid development

Rapid deployment of our ready‑made solution
(typically within 3 months).

operational cost

Operational cost reductions (batch transaction processing, reduced handling of cash).


Variable pricing schemes (flat fares,
check‑in/check‑out, long-term tickets).


Simple integration with any acquirer or
processing center.


Flexibility with Software as a Service (SaaS)
business model.

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